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Amod Rechargeable AGL3080 GPS SiRFIII Photo Tracker for Windows & Mac, 128MB

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Featuring Geo-/PhotoTagging functionality
Large memory capacity for long trips
Powered by 3 AAA Rechargeable Batteries
Leave batteries in AGL3080 and recharge via USB Port
One button 'Push to log support'
Suitable for both Windows and Mac Platform
Suggested Software:
(GPS Babel: free software for GPS data conversion and transfer)


• SiRF Star III Chipset
• Standaard USB 2.0 interface / visuable as USB Flashdisk 
• PhotoTagging Software for Windows and Mac
• ca. 20 uur operational time
• Uses  3 universele AAA batteries or rechargable batteries
• Grote log capaciteit 

• 1 x Amod AGL 380 Photo Tracker
• 1 x Data cable
• 1 x Carrying clip
• 1 x manual and Applicatie CD
• Batteries are not included


Blog-Shmog Review
: "AGL3080 is a front-runner among the small handful of GPS loggers worth considering" [Link]

SUPPORT Announcement:
Please check the Amod Website for your possible Support issues [Link]. Or for downloading the latest Firmware and Amod PC Software (version 1.3.13).

Mac / RAW Format support:

The included CD is installed with the following software:

1. AMOD GPS Photo Tracker for (for PC)
2. Jetphoto GPS Photo Tracker (for PC)
3. Jetphoto GPS Photo Tracker (for MAC)

The “JetPhoto Studio for MAC”, for MAC platform, is also available under below link. 

For working with RAW files, GPicSync is recommended at or GPSPhotolinker.
The user needs to convert log file from AGL3080 to GPX format with GPSbable: (
and then one can either GPicSync or GPSPhotolinker to sync the photos and GPS files.

Virus infection possibility:
AGL3080 works as a disk device, and it uses the popular USB interface, so that it can easily get infected by a virus through the PC or MAC, which already has virus in it.

It is suggested to save all GPS logs in the back-up system, and execute “clear disk” each time before normal usage.

Clear disk protocol:

- Step1: Entering "Set-Up" mode:
At power off status, press "Power ON" and "Mark" buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, and then 3 LED will flash 5 times and stop at light on mode. You can release the buttons when 3 LED are all on.

- Step2: Clear Disk Function:
Hold "Mark" button for 5 seconds to all 3 LED lights blink sequentially, then release the button to clear disk storage space.




SiRF Star III high performance low power GPS receiver IC


L1 1,575.42 MHz


20 parallel tracking channels

GPS Tracking Sensitivity

- 158 dBm




Data Log


Maximum log points

1,040,000 (RMC), approximate 2,800 logging hours

Logging mode

6 logging mode, can be set in device setting mode

LED Indicators

Power On/Off




Memory Full



Storage Capacity

128 Mbytes (1 Gbit NAND flash memory)


USB 2.0 full speed


3 AAA standard size rechargeable batteries 

Operating Time

Around 20 hours continuous operation (3 AAA 900 mAh rechargeable battery @ 25oC)

Operating Temperature

- 20 ~ 50 o

Storage Temperature

- 30 ~ 80 oC


95 % non-condensing


90 mm x 45 mm x 23 mm


~ 50 g (not including battery)




* Features  


  • Driverless, plug & play

  • Maximum 1,040,000 logging point (RMC data)

  • Memory capacity for maximum 2,800 logging hours (RMC data, 10 sec logging frequency)

  • On-The-Spot logging mode switch- You can switch logging mode in just few seconds without PC utility needed in your journey

Manufactured by: Amod
EAN Code: 4712805370023
Model Code: digit-AGL3080R
Shipping Weight: 301gr

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