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Cardo Scala-Rider Audio Kit PRO - XL sized - Double Speakers - with MP3

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Voorraad: no longer available

Extra audio kit for the Cardo Scala-Rider (Q2 PRO and Teamset PRO). Downwards compatible with the older Solo, FM, Teamset and Q2. Can also be connected to an MP3 or navigation unit via the supplied cable.

This kit has an extra long microfone-rod so its very suitable for f.e. Shubert Concept and BMW System helmets.

The length of the microfone-rod is, measured from the mounting plate to the microphone, 16,5 cm. And to the end (so incl. the microphone) it is 20,5 cm.

This contains the microfone-unit (with stereo speakers), an extra (glue) fitting-plate and an mp3 cable.

This type (with microphone rod) is especially suitable for helmets that can be opened.

Manufactured by: Cardo
Model Code: digit-audioPRO
Shipping Weight: 300gr

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