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Haicom HI-604 GPS+GSM Realtime Tracker + 5500 mAh Battery Pack

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With HI-604 multi function tracker, one can track, remote control, tapping any object globally in real time on the map. User can check the real time location from the GPRS tracking web site or using the Haicom Tracking software installed on the PC and check the real time position on the map via the regular dial tone transmission.

With it’s unique feature, waterproof, build in big battery pack (5,500 mAh), magneted, moving sensor, HI-604 is specially designed for security purposes of the moving assets, such as, motorbike, trailer, container, etc. Just place the tracker where there is no metal material on above, user can see his valuable anytime, anywhere from any computer. The waterproof case allows the tracker still functioning even though under tough and harsh environment. The build in big battery provide the independent power supply even if there is no external power supply. The moving sensor will let the tracker totally switch off (only the microchip standby: 5 mAh) and the tracker can operate very long, could be years, if there is not much movements. With the moving sensor, the tracker will not drain the car battery when the tracker connected to external battery power.

If you need the setup CD you can download it here. And to use the software on Windows 8 please install the new USB driver from here or from Haicom Support: here.


LED indicator

LED Color LED Status
Amber On
Charge Completed
Green flashing
Stay on
GPS in 3D fixed
GPS not 3D fixed yet
GPS in sleeping mode
Red On Battery low
White 64 ms ON/3S OFF
64 ms ON/O.8S OFF
GSM stand-by
Searching GSM network or no SIM


Manufactured by: Haicom
EAN Code: 0000000000000
Model Code: HI604
Shipping Weight: 401gr

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