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i-gotU GT-200 Bluetooth GPS Travel Logger / Journey Blogger

Price: 80,25

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Voorraad: no longer available

Now with Windows Vista (32/64bits) support! Download the new @Trip 2.0 here.

i-gotU is an very handy and cheap GPS device that can record the track of your trip. It can collect geographical (GPS) information and join that with the photo's you have taken. With the supplied sofware you can easily present them in 3D or export them in multiple formats.
i-gotU is not only compatible with all digital camera's and mobile phones with camera but allso works together with the popular Google Map/Google Earth to project your route. Is allso easy to share your photo's on foto album websites like Picasa and Flickr. With i-gotU you can take care of your photo collection and tighten it up without much effort.

   Key features:

  • Auto-map your photos with GPS location information
  • Organize and present your journey in three-dimensional Google map and Google earth
  • Compatible with all digital cameras and camera phones, coolest GPS tracking gadget for your journey.
  • Easy-to-use software user interface
  • Export in multiple file formats, supports popular web album
  • Create and share your live travel blog with all your friends quick and easy
  • Multiple ways for attachment, suitable for outdoor use
  • Water-resist hardware design, suitable for rainy days, skiing, water sports
  • Compatible with 3rd party GPS navigation software, serve as Bluetooth GPS receiver as well
  • How does it work:
    1. Synchronise the time on your digital camera 
    2. Switch on the GPS Travel Logger
    3. Wait for auto-position fix and localize your current position
    4. Take i-gotU with you while you take photo's

    GPS Receiver for Navigation GSM/Smartphone

    Record and track your travel with photo's

    Automatically add GPS info to photo's

    Share travel blog with friends

    i-gotU Live Demo:



    i-gotU Live Demo:

    Hardware specifications:
    • Dimension: 46 x 41.6 x 14 mm
    • Weight: 37g
    • Built-in SiRF StarIII low-power chipset
    • Built-in GPS patch antenna.
    • Built-in 750mAh Lithium-ion battery.
      (60 hour use with log interval of 15 seconds)
      (When used for Bluetooth navigation: 11 hour use)
    • Built-in flash memory (max 32.0000 GPS locations, enough for 10 days when used with 15 seconds log interval)
    • Programmable log interval: 1 sec - 60 minutes
    • 2 LED for tracking and battery/charger status indication.
    • Average acquisition time for cold start: < 60 seconds, warm start: < 38 seconds.
    • Bluetooth V2.0 EDR Class 2 technology for PDA, Mobile Phone connectivity
    • Operation temperature: -10 to + 60 degrees centigrade
    System requirements:
  • PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32/64bits)
  • PC with Bluetooth adapter
  • Software Download:

    Included accessoires:

    • i-gotU GT-200 Bluetooth travel Logger with integrated rechargable battery
    • USB Cable (for charging)
    • i-gotU Desktop Software CD
    • Electronic Manual
    • Soft Gel case


    Manufactured by: Mobile Action
    EAN Code: 4711246110694
    Model Code: digit-GT-200
    Shipping Weight: 150gr

    Extra images:

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