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i-gotU GT-600 High End USB GPS Travel-/Photo Sports (B)logger SiRFIII

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Featuring Geo-/PhotoTagging functionality
Easily create online Travel Blogs from your holiday destination or at home
Sports analytics software included
Fun and Easy , Power Saving
Detect where I am in real time (localize your position and check all POI's around you on eMaps)
Powered by internal battery
Usable as USB GPS mouse for Smartphone or PDA Navigation
Easy to use, Supports Google Earth 3D effect
Stylish design, Water-resistant for outdoor activity
Works with powerful @Trip Travelblog Portal  share trips & photos on 3D maps

Tip: for i-GotU's on Linux/Mac see this website.

Manufactured by: Mobile Action
EAN Code: 4711246110731
Model Code: digit-GT-600
Shipping Weight: 150gr

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