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Nexum TuneBox WiFi Wireless HiFi Music Receiver Black

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The perfect solution for streaming audio to multiple speakers, even if they are in different rooms!


TuneBox - Airplay (iOS) + DLNA (Android) True HiFi over Network in every room of your house

TuneBox supports AirPlay via iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch and also works seemlessly with iTunes (Mac / PC). AirPlay is able to provide very high quality audio streaming service.


DLNA is the most popular media application on Android devices. TuneBox support DLNA service for HTC | Samsung | SONY Android devices, user can use the default Media Music Player to play music wirelessly. NOTE: Not every Android Devices has build-in DLNA function. In this case you need to install 3rd Party APK from Android Market.

The above indicates how to use the default MediaPlayer of HTC | Samsung | SONY devices. You don't need to install 3rd party APK as we highly recommend the default MediaPlayer to work with TuneBox.

You can also download 3rd party APK from Google PlayMarket. Meanwhile, we highly recommend "ShareOn Audio" to you. After extended testing, ShareOn Audio can provide great user experience for Android device. Please downlaod ShareOn from PlayMarket directly.

NOTE - NEXUM does not currently invest DLNA APP product development, therefore, the use of different DLNA APP, have varying degrees of music playback experience, Nexum can not guarantee full compatibility.

Transmit any audio from your Windows PC to TuneBox over WiFi is very easy. You only need to install a small program called "WiFi Music". Any of web-base audio service such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, KKBOX, Xiami...etc, You can enjoy your favorite music all around the place without any setting. Download WiFi Music utility

Nexum tried tried many different kind of materials for TuneBox over months. It's  goal was to build up a best accessories for your HiFi system and speakers. Therefore the Designers dropped the plastic material as case design and choose an Aluminum + Wood combination for TuneBox. Even though it cost a bit more with this idea. Eventually, the result shows us this decision is all worth it.

TuneBox is not just a product but also a part of life!

Configuration / Setup

1. Network Installation

Play music over Home WiFi network is the perfect way with TuneBox. Just ONE time setup then everyone can play.

2. Direct koppelen en afspelen

You also can link TuneBox directly without any network setting. Just Link and Play.

NOTE: Your device will not able to connect internet when you use Direct PLAY.


Stereo Audio & Digital S/PDIF

TuneBox provide two major interface for Audio system. AUX OUT (3.5mm stereo ) for most of active speakers. S/PDIF (Digital Optical Fiber) for HiFi audio system which can provide lossless audio output.


Manufactured by: Vossloh Schwabe
EAN Code: 4710751470019
Model Code: digit-TuneBoxBlack
Shipping Weight: 500gr

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