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Pavoscreen Premium Tempered Gorilla Ultrathin Glass Screenprotector For iPhone 4/4S

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The ultimate protection for your iPhone

Pavoscreen for iPhone is a professional screen protector and the patented product. It's designed to keep the screen from unwanted scrape and damages by using Corning corporation Gorilla ultrathin glass with tempered processed that is reinforced to enhance force adsorption. The entire surface of Pavoscreen is transparent, back side is covered by electrostatic self-Adsorbed material which brings the best sticking experience you ever had. Pavoscreen can stick tightly and fast-easy install on the screen. Perfect touching sensitivity as there are no air between screen and Pavoscreen.


Tempered processed Gorilla Ultrathin Glass (0,5mm thickness only)
Easy-fast to install without bubbles
Far better protection than regular screenprotector plastic film
Excellent 96% transparency and Beautiful apperance
Effectively protect the iPhone screen from unwanted scrape
Clear and ultra-thin, Anti-finterprint with sensitive touch
Anti-shatter, Shock absorbtion, Anti-scratch
Anti-bump, dust, aging and radiation
Does not affect touch screen sensitivity
Waterproof, can be cleaned by water and using repeatedly
Stable and durable abrasion resistant
UV Protection: Reduces eye strain caused by the LCD screen
Safe, non-toxic and harmless


  • Pavoscreen Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Alcohol-cloth
  • Squeegee
  • 'Cleaning-tape' for cleaning the screen
  • Epoxy Coated Home Buttons 4 stuks


Pavoscreen Introduction (ENG) (PDF)


Manufactured by: Pavoscreen
EAN Code: 8718104280656
Model Code: digit-iPhone4-4S
Shipping Weight: 100gr

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