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Haicom HI-601VT GPS+GSM Realtime Tracker

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With HI-601VT GPS/GSM tracker, one can track, remote control, tapping any object globally in real time by using any regular SIM card (with one phone number), any regular phone (home phone, mobile phone, smart phone, etc.) and any local mapping software or Google Earth. No any special software needed. Because HI-601VT is small in size and main unit come with the big capacity rechargeable battery, it is also very suitable for personal tracking. On the HI-601VT, one can press the “panic button” and HI-601VT will instantly dial back to the preset telephone numbers (can set three numbers in different priority).

With the optional car kit accessories, car control cables, micro-phone, moving sensor, one can remotely control certain functions:

Car control cable sets: To stop the car oil and electricity from any phone.
Micro-phone sets: to hear the voice from HI-601VT side.
Vibration sensor: HI-601VT will automatically dial back when the moving occur.

HOW HI-601VT works: Unlike most GPS/GSM tracker using the GPRS communication in SMS message in none-real time mode and require control station (require monthly fee) or Internet access, HI-601VT no need any control center and special software. Since it is point to point solution, it is also no need to check the object from the Internet. wherever one can make the phone call, one can track the object and see the moving from any mapping software in real time.

Just like you call someone and he tells you where the object is and shows you where he is on the mapping software. HI-601VT provide non-stop and continue real time tracking without time limitation. Just like you talk to someone over the phone as long as you can.


Package contents:

  1. HI-601VT unit
  2. Decoder unit
  3. Voice jack/PSII to mini-1394 Y cable
  4. Mini-1394 to USB power cable
  5. AC power adaptor with USB plug
  6. Cigarette lighter adaptor with USB plug
  7. 1600 mAh Li-on rechargeable battery
  8. Carrying pouch
  9. Mini CD
  10. User manual

Download the latest version of the software from the Haicom support website. Or get an older version of the software or USB driver here.

Manufactured by: Haicom
Model Code: HI601VT
Shipping Weight: 495gr

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Haicom HI-601VT GPS+GSM Realtime Tracker
259,00 195,00
Save: 25%

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