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Inforad K2

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The Inforad K2 is about the size of a USB key, weighing just 25 grams and small and light enough to fix behind your rear-view mirror on your windscreen if you want to keep it out of sight.

The Inforadar K2 comes with a GPS navigator function, so you will know where you are at any time. It will also alert you when you are approaching a risk-prone zone by emitting sound and light signals.

When connected to your computer, the Inforad K2 gives you access to maps and other navigation software such as Autoroute Express, TomTom navigator or Route 66. The Inforad K2 is essential if you want to drive safely!

The K2 has enhanced adjustable volume control and a longer lifetime rechargeable battery compaired to the K1.

Download the new Windows 7/8 version of the Inforad Manager here.

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Manufactured by: Inforad
EAN Code: 5391514040879
Model Code: INF-K2
Shipping Weight: 501gr

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Inforad K2
69,00 35,00
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